Hypnosis explained
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Hypnotherapy is helpful for the majority of issues that have a psychological and emotional component. It is important for all complementary therapists to focus on the client issues they have skill with, therefore this list represents the problems I treat in my practice - if you need help with something not on the list, please contact me to discuss. The National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) maintains a database where you can find therapists listed by their specialism. Visit the NCH website My hypnotherapy practice I am interested in women’s lives and how to help them take control of the parts that aren't working. This could mean healing the emotional residue from past traumas or dealing with the legacies of abusive relationships or assisting clients who want to lose weight and increase their confidence. Anxiety, panic, stress and phobias are also a major part of my work. I’m also interested in helping clients to design positive futures utilising the power of hypnosis and guided imagery. You can step into your imagined future life confident it is going to be full of positive things. You can realise your dreams and ensure your future life has all the right ingredients in it - whether that is a slim body or happier relationships, freedom from anxiety, more money or better confidence. All these things are within your grasp when you choose to focus your energies inside. Why? Because inside you is where the control centre is located inside your subconscious mind hypnosis helps to gain access to this area and work positively to make the changes that you want. When you work with hypnosis and altered states it is inevitable that you get closer to your inner self, you might call this your spiritual identity or the real you. As I gained more experience with past life therapy, I discovered that this area of work was leading me to explore what lay beyond. Therefore, in 2004, I trained with Dr Michael Newton and his team to practice Life-Between-Lives® Regression Therapy (LBL). This is the deepest journey in trance that takes you to memories of your life as a soul, in between incarnations. I qualified as a Certified LBL practitioner and now offer this spiritual journey in addition to past life work. I have also served on the Board of the Newton Institute for Life-Between-Lives® Hypnotherapy as Director of Development.
Weight loss and eating disorders Anxiety and phobias Stress and worry Depression Panic and anxiety disorder/stress reduction Serious illness and pain management Bereavement - emotional issues Confidence and relaxation Relationships/emotional issues Designing positive futures (future progression) Spiritual development

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