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Life-Between-Lives® (LBL)

  Life-Between-Lives® regression is the most profound and spiritual journey that we can take while still in our earthly bodies.  The technique was developed by the late Dr Michael Newton over many years of detailed and painstaking work to enable clients to take themselves to a state where “between lives” memories can be accessed.  This is about your life as a soul, meeting your guide, reviewing past lives and joining back with your soul group the souls you work with in the spirit world and in your lives on earth.  During the regression it’s possible to find answers to some of life's most difficult and challenging questions: Why am I here?  *  What is my life purpose?  *  Have I met my soulmate yet?  *  What is the spirit world like?  *  Why did I choose my current life? * Am I on the right path?

Dr. Michael Newton

Developed the Life-Between- Lives® process over many years of dedicated practice and over 7000 regressions. His best-selling books: Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls describe accounts from the LBL experiences of clients to help us understand what happens when we die and what life is like as a soul ‘in between lives.’ Dr Newton gives us a working template of the afterlife. His techniques have allowed thousands of people to undergo LBL regression therapy and find out for themselves what their life is like as a soul. I was fortunate enough to train with Michael in Holland in 2004, then to help organise the first UK training in 2006 which was held in my home town. I contributed a case to the book, Memories of the Afterlife. My story, The Council of Elders, gives insight into the workings of this group of souls who oversee soul develop-ment. Find out more about Dr Michael Newton’s books by visiting Amazon
Visit the Newton Institute for more information about LBL or email me and I’ll send you some detailed information. The Newton Institute now publish a quarterly online journal which contains case studies from current LBL journeys written up by members from all over the world. You can subscribe to the journal and deepen your understanding of the afterlife and what other people are experiencing on their own LBL journeys. Perhaps you are considering taking this profound and life changing therapy  yourself? Click on the image to go to the Newton Institute and find out more  about the journal.