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OUT NOW! SLIMMER AND HEALTHIER: CREATING A SLIM, HEALTHY BODY FOR LIFE (2019) Creating a slimmer and healthier body is an inner process, involving your body, mind, emotions and inner “life force” energy. This book is a companion volume to the Hemi-Sync® album of the same name, providing additional support and guidance to accompany the program of 12 verbally- guided meditations. The supporting information in this companion book ensures you are empowered and informed as you progress. The chapters complement each of the verbally-guided meditation tracks in the Hemi- Sync® album: Chapter 1 - Creating a Slim, Healthy  Body Chapter 2 - Eating Less but Enjoying it More Waking Meditation Chapter 3 - Iron Willpower Chapter 4 - Craving Control Waking Meditation Chapter 5 - Metabolism Boost Chapter 6 - Slim While You Sleep Chapter 7 - Overcoming Obstacles Chapter 8 - Release the Past Chapter 9 - Self-Sabotage Chapter 10 - Walking Meditation Chapter 11 - Affirmations for a Slim, Healthy Body Chapter 12 - Slim and Healthy for Life BUY NOW from the Hemi-Sync website both the album of guided meditations and the companion book (which can also be purchased in paperback and kindle format from amazon worldwide.) THE CHANNELLING GROUP - BOOK 1 (2014) It happens sometimes that what you intend and what you get are so far apart you wonder how it went wrong. When Beatrice starts a spiritual reading group she only wants her friends to share their experiences and learn how to contact their spirit guides, not start uncontrolled paranormal activity in her own living room! Amazon reviews: “It also gives you food for thought and opens out a whole new philosophy regarding life and death.” “Perceptive, at times very funny, but equally as moving, it's one of those books that is hard to put down.” “… a stimulating blend of richly detailed realism with a fascinating paranormal dimension, offering a novel and intriguing exploration of the spiritual life. It's also a page-turning good read.“ THE WALK-IN - BOOK II (2016) In a scruffy part of North London, wickedness spawns paranormal and terrifying occurrences that shock the channelling group into action. Some- one is planning a Walk-In, taking over the body of an innocent and dis- placing their soul. The natural laws of Earth forbid such hostile acts. The consequences will only impact the friends and their families, but the precedent, if unchecked, could be the catalyst that triggers a chain of cataclysmic events. Deadlines have been set. Mother Earth's inhabitants continue to defile and deface their world. The balance of energy is being destroyed. How can the group find the key to avert an inevitable catastrophe? Amazon reviews:  “Brilliant. I read the first book The Channelling Group and couldn't wait for this next one. Much scarier than the first but beautifully written, the characters are believable. Would highly recommend.” “… insight into an alternative way of thinking about the spirit world and the afterlife, while also telling a compelling story about an intelligent, interesting group of friends.”
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Life and Sentience by

Richard Clark

Let’s take a journey together, all of us, back to the start of our sun igniting when all the energy of what became physical life on Earth started to be released, as hydrogen melted and burned.Visualise yourself there at this beginning, each and every one of us, about to embark on a fantastic journey leading to life on Earth. As energy explodes outwards taking us all with it across the void of space, visualise the beautiful desolation we hurtle through towards Earth the most beautiful sight in the universe beyond all words  except one ... Home. This remarkable book explains in a simple, but powerful format, the origins of life and our eternal relationship with it. This book, which I had the privilege of editing, tells a story that we all need to hear. Available from amazon in paperback and kindle format. BUY LIFE AND SENTIENCE